Saturday, June 30, 2007

About this site

Kia ora e hoa ma,

Thanks SO much for coming to our conference and making the event so successful. We got heaps of really nice feedback and it sounds like there's lots of alliances and activities that have come out of the networking parts of the weekend. So it's all good!!

We finally got our act together and set up this blog site for Sweet conference attendees and friends. We're loading:
  • conference papers
  • other reports people have done
  • interesting stuff
  • gossip / news
  • ideas / thoughts / burning questions for other attendees to comment on.

So if you have:

  • gossip / news - click the "post a comment" link at the end of this "Latest news" post
  • a report relating to the conference, other interesting stuff, or ideas / writings / burning questions send it to us at (we're trying to close down our riseup account because it runs a bit slow). We'll post them in separate posts so people can comment directly on just the thing you've sent.

At the moment, only people who have registered for the conference have access to this site. But you can refer a friend and we'll add them to the list. Send an e-mail to us at

We just didn't want our discussions to be bogged down with loads of random comments. And we wanted to keep it a safe forum.

Next conference and time out
We're thinking of having another event around July 2009. But at some point soon we're going to need some time out. We'll let you know when we're not going to be answering e-mails. If this site take off, we'll try and get someone to babysit it while we're away.

That's it from us - but don't forget to keep checking the site for new stuff and comments. We're kind of loading stuff as it comes in so hopefully there'll be new stuff on here for a while.


The organisers

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